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We are a driving school (driver's education school) that is close to turning 10 years old. From our experience we know that a driver's license is a necessity to obtain a job anywhere in Japan since most of the contracting companies require that they have a license.
Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to make all your efforts are realized and that you get yes or yes your driver's license. In addition, we prepare it so that it loses the fear of driving and facing everyday driving situations.
Our raison d'etre is to improve our teaching method every day, to offer a better service to our customers who are looking for a driver's license quickly and without setbacks.
We believe that based on all the situations we see on a daily basis, we can choose the best experiences and show them to your person so that you feel more secure and get the best knowledge or achieve the objective.
And on the other hand it is important to have a license when there are children involved because being able to drive a vehicle is nowadays a transportation tool.

who are we driving school in Japan saitama
who are we driving school in Japan saitama


Our goal and goal is to guide you to obtain your license in a safe way without losing time or money. We are trained for all types of procedures in reference toJapanese driver's license.
The idea was born of seeing that many foreigners continue to enter Japan every year. Some of these foreigners bring their driver's license from their country and others do not have the same fate for personal reasons.
But in Saitama Driving School we have the training and registration of the transit department and the police headquarters in Japan to be able to provide any of these services.

For example:
The license change.
People who have never had any type of license.
Expired licenses.
People who have lost the license for a fine.
People who forgot to validate their driver's license on time.
People who left Japan but have an expired Japanese driver's license.
… and everything related to Japanese driver's license.